NZDA is an industry association of commercial dishwasher professionals

Established in 2013, we draw collectively on decades of experience at the hygiene frontline.

The individual businesses that are our founding members have forged a strong bond through a common purpose: to clean up the commercial dishwasher industry with our quality benchmark of hygiene, service, and knowledge. How? As well as our expert work in leasing, sales, installation, and servicing, the NZDA is active in:

  • advocacy related to hygiene laws
  • in-house training
  • marketing initiatives
  • and educating members of the hospitality industry about their regulatory requirements.

So why choose us to be your service provider?

Choose the NZDA and you can be sure each and every member has been closely vetted to meet strict acceptance criteria based on excellence and experience, qualification, and reputation.

  • We’re 100% Kiwi: we’re the only specialised New Zealand-owned organisation available for national, regional, or local contracts in a market of multinational and multifunctional service providers.
  • You can rely on us: because we know that the performance of key appliances is critical to the success of your corporate or commercial kitchen.
  • We know the law: our qualified electricians, technicians and chemical handlers know exactly how to protect public health with a finely-tuned, top-performing, regularly-maintained dishwasher. Our exclusive Certificate of Compliance maintenance programme helps you meet all your regulatory requirements.

We notice countless businesses hand-washing tableware first, and then using their washers merely for sanitising. But our maintenance program ensures that your washer actually performs as a washer should: with wash pressure sufficient to remove oils and solids; rinse arms rotating efficiently; detergent dosage verified to prevent over-use; and water temperatures hot enough to kill food-borne bacteria.

Such well-performing commercial dishwashers and glasswashers can save you time and money by efficiently doing what they’re supposed to: wash the dishes!

So wherever you are in the country, call on us as your service provider because we love our work, and we’d love to help.