New Food Safety Laws

New food safety regulations are coming that will govern the operation of commercial kitchens in the hospitality industry in New Zealand.

The imminent Food Act, which replaces the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974, is a significant piece of legislation. According to the New Zealand Government, β€œThe Act will provide New Zealand with a modern, flexible regulatory regime, which will enable food businesses to adapt to future changes in technology, overseas market access requirements, and consumer demands.”*

The New Zealand Dishwasher Association is a valuable knowledge base on all regulatory matters. As the Food Bill is enacted in the near future to become the Food Act, the NZDA will be providing leadership and expertise to guide its clients – as well as the public – through the changes ahead.

We will keep you updated here, plus we plan to offer the same personalised advice and guidance to our clients on how to comply with the new regulations as we do already in our unique Certificate of Compliance maintenance programme.

* Media release from Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye, 27 May 2014