Dishwashers and glasswashers

The New Zealand Dishwasher Association gives its seal of approval to commercial dishwashers that demonstrate exceptional cleaning results, efficient and straightforward operation, a long product life, and cost-effectiveness. We choose to partner with Starline – which is also the only 100% New Zealand-made brand – to provide the very best in kitchen hygiene solutions. Starline dishwashers are for sale direct from us or lease from us to access our extraordinary NZDA support and service package.

Billi and Zenith instant water systems

From the trusted brands Billi and Zenith, our under-bench water filtration systems offer your staff instant chilled or boiling pure drinking water. Purchase from us or choose to lease and you’ll get FREE installation plus an incredible NZDA support package: regular and discreet service visits for filter replacement and other maintenance, always made at a time of day convenient to you; servicing; and complimentary loan systems should we need to make repairs to yours at one of our nationwide workshops.


Lease a new, high-quality commercial dishwasher or glasswasher from us, and know that we unreservedly stand by the performance of all our machines. Leasing with us offers you an exclusive NZDA support package: FREE installation; FREE support, service and repair; FREE parts and labour; FREE premium detergent; as well as FREE maintenance inspections.


We have a nationwide network of qualified electrical service technicians available for repairs of all makes and models of dishwashers, glasswashers and instant hot/chilled water systems. You can trust us for truly seamless service: in the unlikely event we need to make repairs to your appliance at one of our nationwide workshops, we’ll loan you a late-model washer or instant water system to keep your workplace running smoothly.

Certificate of Compliance Maintenance Programme

Experts in New Zealand hygiene laws, the NZDA has developed a unique and simple checking system to ensure you meet your legal obligations.
Our Certificate of Compliance maintenance programme for your commercial dishwasher and glasswasher operates like the Warrant of Fitness system for your vehicle.